Airport Transportation

Taxicab Service: Located in the lobby is a direct line to the Taxi Cab Company. The average fee for the trip is $50.00.


Located in the lobby of the hotel is a cash machine for your convenience.

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation 24 hours prior to arrival

Check In Time

Check-in time is at 3:00 pm daily. If you require an early check-in please contact the hotel with you request at your earliest convenience. Early check-ins are based on availability and are not guaranteed. If early check-in is not available, we would be pleased to store your baggage for you. Please ask the front desk for more details.

Check Out Time

Check-out time is at 11am on the day of your scheduled departure. If you require extending your stay please contact the front desk. We will make every effort to try to accommodate your extension. Extensions are based on availability and some charges may apply.

Corporate Accounts

Corporate rates are available to existing corporate accounts. Corporate accounts can be easily set up through management. If you require any further information, please ask the front desk and we will be happy to assist you.

Credit Cards

We accept the following forms of payment:

***Reservations will require a valid credit card, for preauthorization upon check in. Guests may pay for the room upon check out with any form of accepted payment.)

Please note: Anyone using a credit card that is not in their name or anyone wishing to pay for someone’s stay must fill out a credit card authorization form. Forms must be completed and signed, then be faxed back to the Argyll Plaza Hotel before the scheduled arrival date. Both sides of the credit card must also be photocopied and faxed back along with the authorization forms. Please also include a contact phone number. CLICK HERE to print a credit card authorization form.

Damage Policy

Damage deposit is $100 by credit card or $200 by debit.

Electrical Output/Current

Standard rooms: 120v
Kitchenette units: 220v

Emergency Services

Emergency services are available 24 hours a day. If it an extreme emergency please dial 9, then 911, otherwise please contact the front desk.

Energy Conservation

Argyll Plaza Hotel is co-operating in an effort to reduce energy consumption. We appreciate your assistance in accomplishing this goal.
Please help by doing the following:

  • Turn off lights when not needed.
  • Pull drapes to maintain a constant temperature in your room.
  • Turn off air conditioning or heating when leaving your room.
  • Turn off the television and radio when not being used.
  • Be sure water faucets are completely turned off.

Fax Service

Fax service is available at the front desk 24 hours a day. Please contact the front desk for any additional information. Charges do apply.

Fire / Emergency

If you suspect that their might be a fire, or there is a fire in your room please contact the front desk immediately.

Guides to remember:

Locate nearest fire exit to your guest room.
Locate alarms and extinguishers on your floor and review instructions.
In the remote and unlikely case of fire or upon hearing alarms:

  • Test door for heat with the back of your hand before opening. If door is cool, check for smoke in hall.
  • If smoke is present and you do not feel you can evacuate:
    • Close the door and call for help.
    • Place wet sheets and towels in cracks and vents around the door.
    • Remove drapes from window.
    • Fill bathtub with water to keep fabric moistened
  • If all is clear:
    • Walk CALMLY to the nearest stairwell or fire exit located at the end of the hallway.
    • DO NOT use the elevators.
  • Remain CALM at all times in order to think clearly.

Housekeeping Department

Our housekeeping department is pleased to offer our guests daily service form 9:00am – 2pm 7 days per week. If you do not require daily service, simply place your “do not disturb” sign on your door or you may contact the front desk. If you require any extra bedding, towels or toiletries, you may ask the housekeeping department or simply dial the front desk and we would be pleased to provide you with your necessities.

Ice Machines

Ice machines are located on both the second and third floor. Ice buckets are provided for you, in your room. If you require any additional information, please ask the front desk.

Internet Access

Argyll Plaza Hotel is pleased to offer complimentary wireless internet for the hotel guests.

Laundry Services

Argyll Plaza Hotel is pleased to offer a coin-operated laundry service. The laundry service is self serve. The laundry facility is located in the front lobby and is opened 7 days a week from 7am – 11pm

Lost And Found

Inquiries for lost and/or found items are handled by the front desk. Lost and found items are held for a maximum of 30 days. If you think you may have lost an item, please contact the front desk at the earliest convenience. The hotel is not responsible for any lost items.


Argyll Plaza Hotel is pleased to offer our guests ample parking. We have a large parking area that can accommodate large busses, vans, SUV’s as well as trucks. Parking is complimentary, with no charge, and all parking is self-serve.

Phone Calls

All local phone calls are free with no surcharges. We also offer a complimentary messaging service. If a guest is not in their room, the caller has the option of leaving a message. Messages are retrieved by simply dialing 50.


Please contact the front desk if you wish to reserve your stay for any upcoming events. You may contact the desk 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 1-866-203-2930 and we will be please to serve you.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety deposit boxes are available at the front desk. Safety deposit boxes are complimentary to in house guests and are available 24 hours a day. For additional information please contact a guest service agent at the front desk.

Safety And Security

For your safety and comfort, the Argyll Plaza Hotel is equipped with sensitive smoke detection devices in each guest room.

Please do not leave valuables in your room. We urge you to take advantage of our complimentary safety deposit boxes available at the Front Desk. The Management and Staff of the Argyll Plaza Hotel will not assume responsibility for money, jewelry or other valuables left in your room. We encourage you to explore the Hotel’s safety features and become familiar with the location of the emergency exits on your floor. A map of your floor is posted on the back of your guest room door. We wish you a safe and comfortable visit.

Sales/Group Bookings

Argyll Plaza Hotel would be pleased to accommodate your large group at a special group rate. Groups and rates are based on availability and conditions apply. Please contact the sales department at Argyll Plaza Hotel for more information.


Provincial Tourism Levy: 4%
Goods and Services Tax (G.S.T.) 5%

Wake Up Calls

Please contact a guest service agent at the front desk at anytime to set your wake up call.